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Sullivan & Cromwell LLP is an international law firm headquartered in New York City.


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support staff (Former Employee) says

"feudalism incarnate. the partners are considered "gods" and woe be unto those who don't act accordingly: bullying, disapproving head-to-toe glances, brusqueness and public humiliation await those who show even the slightest benign advances by action or suggestion, no matter how well-intentioned. Cons: poor at promoting, backward technology for support staff, tolerance of abuse."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Sullivan & Cromwell is THE prototypical white shoe, Wall Street, Big Law firm, with all of the negative connotations that come with it. Grueling hours, ungrateful partners, demanding clients. There is a complete lack of transparency about the firm's finances, and about prospects for partnership or other positions. Many extremely talented lawyers are denied partnership and instead parked in "Counsel" positions semi-permanently. Compensation -- while competitive with other major law firms -- is frankly terrible. During the peak of the financial crisis, as the firm was recording record profits per partner due to the heavy volume of business advising banks, bonuses were measly, because S&C decided it didn't have to pay more than the market. S&C will try to convince you that if you leave the firm, you will do boring, repetitive work and only earn a pittance. When I left S&C, I earned substantially MORE, I had a much better lifestyle, and my work has been absolutely fascinating to boot. Cons: Everything else (hours, compensation, culture, etc.)"

Document Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"reviewed, translated, and coded approximately 750 Italian and French documents per day."

Administrative Specialist (Former Employee) says

"There are some very fine people who work at Sullivan & Cromwell. However the prestigious firm lacks emotional intelligence or enough cultural sensitivity. Yes, they have clubs in place supporting different ethnic groups and orientations but that support only extends to the attorneys and not the actual support staff. There aren't a lot of black, Asian, Latino, or LGBT attorneys on their roster so the clubs are more for show. It's nice to look diverse but when the office culture is offensive and cut-throat the credibility or prestige of the organization is diluted. There are structural changes taking place that have several affected moral and the firm has outsourced their IT department with more to follow. . Employees with over twenty years of commitment were turned into temps without warning. The best part of the firm is the cafeteria ran by Sodexo. The food is gourmet quality and cheaper than Chipotle. Cons: Poor management"

Assitant (Former Employee) says

"Little to no support. A group of older women who have been in the company for centuries so barely even work the whole week yet expect you to slave away for hours on end. Lawyers are only friendly when you are new and then they would rather you didn't cross their path. Entitled little firm with backward old school ways of working. you are expected to complete your own research whereas normal firms have paralegal and legal assistants. No support. Cons: Work hours"

Senior Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management direction comes from partners and committees which allows very little room for independent leadership and instead create a 'crabs in a barrel' mentality from support staff. Cons: healthcare and management"

associate (Former Employee) says

"good firm to start out with and put in your time to have that name on your resume for future opportunities. most people are reasonable but there are a few that are terrible."

Senior Litigation Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was fortunate to work on some of the largest financial and other litigation with many very talented attorneys. The firm's work product was excellent and I was able to gain unique experience."

System Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Worked at this firm for 12 years. If your looking for a place with good benefits, good pay and don't mind the fast pace environment. Then this place is for you."

Litigation Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Typical law firm to work for. Excellent team, learned a great deal from those I worked with. Ahead of the curve on all technologies, and management was very flexible with the work life balance. Cons: No cons to really report"

Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis (Current Employee) says

"Sullivan and Cromwell is a great place. Working with various levels of people creates an interesting environment full of challenges and appreciation. It is also very rewarding"

Clerical Asst (Former Employee) says

"Operations Cons: Short breaks"

Former Employee - Business Development says

"I worked at Sullivan & Cromwell full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Cut-throat culture. Accusatory environment where high management members bully and pick on a person is "okay." Do not expect a long-term career and improvement. Turnover is very high and people are not retained. Micromanage system. Lack of self-awareness."


"I have been working at Sullivan & Cromwell Cons: Extremely hierarchical and bloated organization. Associates experiences can wildly differ, but I was placed in teams where the senior associates were infamous for their demeaning and unreasonable behavior. Be prepared to work 20+ hours a day doing brutally inane tasks while being yelled at the entire time for not performing fast enough. Every other associate I know that works for the firm is unhappy. It’s a very closed door culture (literally, you walk around and most doors are closed)."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sullivan & Cromwell full-time Cons: A family-like oriented firm turned into a typical corporate environment where the support staff employees were looked upon as trash. Every once in a while they would provide an "ice cream social" to mask how bad they were reaming the little guy. Most employees (IT, finance, etc.) drank the cool-aide. IT was rocked by major outsourcing as the firm proceeded to fire staff (sold off to outside consulting firm like cattle) that had been employed in some cases for decades. Go against the grain than be sure that security will be outside your door in moments no matter how dedicated you were. Work-life balance non-existant. Favoritism in terms of working from home from group to group. No morale to speak of. Management was soleless and would sell you out at the drop of a hat. I am glad that I left eons ago. Staff that I keep in contact with after all these years after I left many long years ago were good people. Hopefully most have found new homes at respectable companies."

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at Sullivan & Cromwell full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Some partners are dishonest. Many partners are inconsiderate (e.g., send projects at all hours and with no effort to provide background), and this is just part of the culture in a place where everyone is too busy to be human. But again, the worst is that some partners are dishonest and there is no process in place to prevent partners from throwing associates under the bus."

Current Employee - Finance and Accounting Operations says

"I have been working at Sullivan & Cromwell full-time Cons: This is a job not a career. There is no upward mobility or support for career development. Leadership micro manages and terminations are executed with little to no warning."


"I have been working at Sullivan & Cromwell Cons: Very boring, makes you feel useless. Lawyers demean you."

Associate says

"I worked at Sullivan & Cromwell Cons: An expectation of total dedication (e.g. we will be phoning you at 3:30 a.m. at random to assign work to you) to monotonous, never-ending work. Arbitrary and mean-spirited superiors who are loath to provide any guidance even in matters with which you could not possibly have any familiarity, but delight in criticizing and denigrating you."


"I worked at Sullivan & Cromwell Cons: Is a disgrace. They are letting everyone go to get workers that they can pay peanuts. The partners that are there now are awful they are cheap and they don't want to pay for good work. The worst firm that now exist."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sullivan & Cromwell full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Impossible work load Partners are horrible to work with"


"I worked at Sullivan & Cromwell Cons: No benefits as a temp, incompetent and manipulative supervisors, mind numbing work, office chatter and gossip is high, place is filled with miserable people working for a paycheck."